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*Images may show accessories or configurations not packaged with this SKU Q210H-KIT
‡Que 210 Hybrid Shotgun Microphone Kit

• Q210H Super Cardioid Shotgun Barrel
• Q210H-CPS Compact Power Supply w/ 0, +10, and +20dB selectable gain stages, ON/OFF switch, Power LED
• Q210H-XLR: XLR Power Supply w/ flat, 50Hz, and 200Hz selectable HPF, ON/OFF switch, Power LED
• QSM3 Shockmount w/QAD1 3/8? to 1/4? 20 thread adapter
• QM1 Run And Gun Cold Shoe Adapter
• QM2 Cold Shoe with Adjustable Ball Head
• QCBL4 30cm Curly Cable - straight XLR female to 90 degree XLR male
• QCBL6 30cm Curly Cable - Q Compact Thread (male) to Q Compact Thread (male)
• DAAD TRL 3.5mm Q Compact Adapter
• QWJ4 Windscreen
• QWJ2 WOMBAT Fluffy Wind Muff
• QBA3 Rubber Bands for QSM3 (pack of 4 red high tension, 4 black normal tension)
• QBA4 Batteries 1.5V LR44 (pair) or similar
• Leatherette Carry Case
Optional Accessories:
QCBL7 iPhone/Monitor/Microphone Cable
Supplied Accessories:
QBA3 Rubber bands for QSM3
QBA4 Batters 1.5V
Leatherette Carry Case
Q210H-CPS Compact Power Supply
Q210H-XLR XLR Power Supply
Q210H Super Cardioid Shotgun Barrel
DAAD TRL TRS 3.5mm Q-Adapter (Black)
QCBL6 Curly Compact Cable 300mm / 11" (Black)
QM1 Run and Gun Cold Shoe Adapter
QSM3 Shockmount for Q210-KIT
QWJ2 WOMBAT Fluffy Wind Muff for Q210, QLM4, QMSG-PRO Microphones
QWJ4 Foam Windsock for 210 Shotgun Microphone
Item Pricing:
List $399.00
Shipping Weight 3.00 lbs
Master Carton: 1
Shipping Dimensions 8.0"W x 3.0"H x 12.0"D
MFG UPC Code 9342720002713
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