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Model Name #DA04
Omnidirectional Lavallier Microphone (Beige, -45 dB)

2.5mm European designed capsule, proven to provide clear full-frequency audio with an enclosure design that protects the capsule in such a way as to be water resistant. The small micro capsule and ultra thin heavy duty "stretch" Thermoplastic cable also make the DA04 extremely easy to conceal without forsaking audio quality.
• 2x DAWS SL Standard Density Black Foam Windscreen
• 1x DATC 1E Black Tie Clip
• 1x Leatherette Zip Pouch
Optional Accessories:
DAAD ATL Audio Technica Q-Adapter (Black)
DAAD CHE Chiayo Q-Adapter (Beige)
DAAD EVL ElectroVoice Q-Adapter (Black)
DAAD LEL Lectrosonics Q-Adapter (Black)
DAAD MIL MIPRO Q-Adapter (Black)
DAAD REL Revolabs Q-Adapter (Black)
DAAD SEL Sennheiser Q-Adapter (Black)
DAAD SHL Shure Q-Adapter (Black)
DAAD SKL Sennheiser SK 50 Q-Adapter (Black)
DAAD SOL Sony 3.5mm Q-Adapter (Black)
DAAD TOL TOA Q-Adapter (Black)
QCBL7 iPhone/Monitor/Microphone Cable
Supplied Accessories:
2x DAWS SE Standard Density Foam Windscreen
Leatherette Zip Pouce
DATC 1E Tie Clip, Single Wire (Beige)
Item Pricing:
List $299.00
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Master Carton: 1
Shipping Dimensions 5.0"W x 2.0"H x 9.0"D
MFG UPC Code 9342720000078
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